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Rice Krispies with Ketchup



A Comedian's Journey with an Autistic Child is a honest, painful and heartwarming account of a family's daily struggle with loving and caring for a special needs child. Author and standup comedian, Kirk Smith's account of the challenges and the lessons his family has learned are equal parts heartbreaking, hilarious, and uplifting. 


No one escapes their share of struggles, we all take a turn on the pain wheel. But life is about moving on and starting over when things don't go as planned. When the world closed down, one comedian got a job with a moving company. He joined an eclectic team of ex-cons and wanderers, opening a small window into a world where the job is helping people move, and move on.

This is a series of stories about a band of misfits who continued to plod away while life did its thing. I hope these stories encourage you and lift you up. 

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