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Kirk Smith is a comedian who speaks from the heart about his experiences raising his autistic son. He focuses on the challenges and the lessons his family has learned, which are equally heartbreaking, uplifting and of course, hilarious. Kirk provides astute and timely advice that every family, no matter what specific challenges they face, needs to hear. Through laughter and tears Kirk finds a way to come to peace with his son´s limitations, motivates his readers to live life fully and provides what families in similar situations need--HOPE.



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Wondering what he speaks about?  Here is a letter of recomendation from the National Autism Association after one of his talks, and below that videos from some of the attendees.





One of the National Autism Association of North Texas’s biggest needs is that our moms of children with autism are mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted.  Caring for children with autism day after day, week after week, often leaves them feeling hopeless and sometimes on the verge of giving up.  To address this need, each year, we put together a night out that leaves them refreshed, recharged and ready to care for their children with new vigor.


This year, Kirk Smith performed for us at our event.  Because Mr. Smith has a child with autism of his own, he knew just the right things to say to reach the hearts of our moms.  How wonderful it was to see their smiles from ear to ear and the tears streaming down their faces as they laughed so hard that they cried.  As they left that evening, you could sense that the weight of the world had lifted off their shoulders, even if it was just for one evening.



Parents of kids with special needs are extremely sensitive when it comes to our children.  We want to laugh at our lives, we want to laugh about our children, but we do not want to laugh AT our children.  Kirk Smith told jokes and shared his life with us with complete sensitivity and awareness of this invisible line that only a parent of a child with special needs could understand. 


We highly recommend Kirk Smith for any event with special needs families.  They will laugh a lot, cry a little, and leave the room feeling a little lighter than when they came in.



Julie Hornok, NAA-NT Board Member

Nagla Moussa, NAANT President

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